Welcome to the airlinesimulation project



You have landed at the new airlinesimulation.com and home of the airlinesimulation project. The first version of AIRLINE was released in 1999 and was updated over the period of two decades to finally resulting in the final version of AIRLINE7.

AIRLINE has gone through many different iterations over the past 2 decades and we experimented with a range of functionality. Features were and added and removed as we listened to our users and yet we struggled to make the simulation suit the skills and interests of all our engaged and enthusiastic users.

We included drag and drop scheduling but many of our users working for the airlines complained it was “too much like their work”. We removed and went back to the manual process and yet we found out quickly that some users missed the new methods.

Our user base is large, our users range from pre-teen, industry professionals right through to people who want to relieve their past airline experiences on DC-3 and recreate those days in their own airlines in the simulation.

Some of our users simply do not like playing online, some of our users want to be able to play on their mobile devices, some want to be able to play on all mediums and decide themselves if they want to complete globally or continue to play in private on their device.

The airlinesimulation project

The airlinesimulation project is about making the simulation more accessible to all our users interests and provide the the ability to turn on and off features to customise the game play to their interests. We want users to be able to play online, on a single PC or even on their mobile devices and decide if themselves if they want to play locally or against users from a global audience.

We have experienced extensive delays in the past 12 months with our proposed build of what was tentatively called AIRLINE 8. Delays caused by design issues, staffing changes and the Covid19 pandemic. Our staff working in locations around the globe are adhering to all local social distancing and isolation rules. The delays have however given us the opportunity to rethink our strategy and better plan the way forward. Welcome to the airlinesimulation project.

Next Steps

The airlinesimulation project is the relaunch of work in progress and taking the software in a new and more flexible direction. For all our existing users our members section will also be returning in the coming month which will enable users of AIRLINE 7 – now renamed to AIRLINE Classic, to access the new members area.




Our user base is large, our users range from pre-teen, industry professionals.



Store and downloads will re-open soon



Will be released in 2022.
We will issue updates on this website.